Meet Susanne Madsen

When we met Susanne at her factory, we were overwhelmed by her kindness and hospitality. It was amazing to see how she single-handedly manages the production and distribution of her products all over Denmark, we knew they would be a hit and deserved to be exposed to the rest of the world. 


The changemakers


raspberry syrup

Made with fresh raspberries and birch water, our deep red raspberry syrup has a tinge of sourness to its otherwise sweet flavour.

The _______ Syrup

sweet liquorice syrup

Being an authentic Scandinavian flavour, our sweet liquorice syrup is the bestseller in Scandinavia


Apple & Grape Syrup

A lovely combination of fresh apples and grapes gives this syrup a sweet and wholesome flavour.

The ______ Syrup


Our thick strawberry syrup is made with fresh Danish home grown strawberries.

The ______ Syrup


An impeccable combination of ingredients coming together in a sweet syrup which almost tastes like honey.

The ____ Syrup

blackcurrant syrup

Our dark purple blackcurrant syrup is made with hand-picked ripe blackcurrants from Denmark. It is simply the perfect sweet-sour balance.