Skarø lies in the South Funen Archipelago, a 40 minute boat ride from Svendborg. With its two square kilometers and population of 27, it is amongst the smallest of Denmark's occupied islands. Skarø is a flat island protected from flooding by a series of dykes along the coast. Thanks to the frequent ferry connection Skarø has many day trippers who profit from the fact that a public footpath has been established across fields and along the sea so you can walk round the island. In fact Skarø is made for hikes and bikes.


organic fruits and vegetables

Being a small island means that the soil on Skarø is full of life and fertility. Most of the locals grow their own fruits and vegetables on their land and trade their "specialities" with their neighbours on the island or even with folk from neighbouring islands. The produce from Skarø is of the finest quality because of the air, soil and water purity. Aside from being a humble, and self-sustainable system, it is the culture and heart-warming closeness seen amongst the people that makes you forget about modern society and appreciate the simpler things in life.

Some of our HAND-picked fruits





Wild Blueberries

Wild Blueberries


tapped birch trees

Our trees on the island are tapped once every morning and evening. With only limited trees scattered all across the island, our counterparts work very hard to harvest the fresh birch sap which is used in Trü Birch ice cream.

Denmark-skaro-tru birch-singapore-ice cream-island

A breath of fresh air

Being far away from big cities or developments, Skarø has one of the best air purities in the world! With no air, water or light pollution, it is truly a refreshing experience staying on the island to simply cleanse your body's immune system and be one with nature. 



ice cream café and factory



Run by Martin & Britta themselves, Skarø Café is open for business once spring begins! We see hundreds of people, both locals and tourists everyday, who come from all around the world to indulge in the famous ice cream and coffee. On selected 'fresh ice cream days', you get to taste ice cream that comes straight out of the production!


The factory is fitted out with the highest end equipment to maintain consistency and quality of the ice cream. To meet with the high demand for Skarø ice cream around the world, our counterparts work very hard to keep the factory operational all-year round.