Singapore Sling (480ml)

Singapore Sling (480ml)

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Invented in 1915 at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel, this iconic cocktail has become a unique for our Sunny Island. Our Singapore Sling ice cream has been perfected for us by our friends in Denmark. Go ahead, give it a shot! 

This ice cream is

A good source of protein and energy
30% lower in calories than other ice creams
40% lower in fat than other ice creams
50% lower in Saturated fat than other ice creams
30% lower in sugar than regular ice cream
30% lower in carbohydrates than regular ice cream
Trans fat free
Cholesterol free
Low in Sodium

All our ice cream is European Commission Organic certified, Gluten-free and Fair Trade.

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Nutritional Breakdown

Energy (kJ) / Calories (kcal) - 732kJ / 171kcal
Protein (g) - 9.8g
Carbohydrates (g) - 17g
of which sugar - 17g
Fat (g) - 4.9g
of which saturated fat - 4.9g
Salt (g) - 0.04g


Pineapple, cane sugar, strawberry, cherry, birch juice, whey, milk, cream, egg yolk, milk powder, egg white, inulin, orange oil, herbs, seaweed