Madagascar Vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla

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Our signature Vanilla ice cream is made from the highest quality organic vanilla beans that come straight from Madagascar. These happen to be one of the most premium and luxurious beans in the world!

This ice cream is

An excellent source of protein and energy
30% lower in calories than other ice creams
40% lower in fat than other ice creams
50% lower in Saturated fat than other ice creams
30% lower in sugar than regular ice cream
30% lower in carbohydrates than regular ice cream
Trans fat free
Cholesterol free

All our ice cream is European Commission Organic certified, Gluten-free and Fair Trade.

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Nutritional Breakdown

Energy (kJ) / Calories (kcal) - 738kJ / 173kcal
Protein (g) - 11g
Carbohydrates (g) - 14g
of which sugar - 14g
Fat (g) - 9g
of which saturated fat - 4.5g
Salt (g) - 0.05g


Whey, milk, cream, egg yolk, cane sugar, birch juice, milk powder, egg white, inulin, vanilla, seaweed