guilt-free indulgence

it's a movement.

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it's that good

We are a new age organic ice cream brand that focuses on maximizing your body’s potential and performance on a daily basis.

Our vision is to bring exquisite taste and finest quality ice cream and coffee from Scandinavia to Southeast-Asia; creating a movement around utilizing the use of Birch Sap (the new super juice) in all our products. 


where it all began


Trü Birch ice cream comes from the island of Skarø in the Southern part of Denmark, where our berries are hand-picked and churned into ice cream with love.


back to basics

Throughout Northern European history, the birch tree was called the tree of life. The fresh birch water is the first sign of life after the long winters in Taiga and you still find locals just hugging a birch tree in the spring time to welcome the new life


here's how we measure up


how do we do it?

It's simple, we use only organic and healthy ingredients. By replacing ingredients such as sugar with natural alternatives like sugar kelp, we ensure that your body actually gets the nutrition it needs with protein and zero trans fat. 

healthy doesn't usually taste this good

Like us, our ingredients are geared for high-performance. It's our mission to bring guilt-free indulgence so you can eat, worry-free.


Besides our slew of amazing ingredients, we've managed the unthinkable - transforming the best ice cream in the world. 

With our patented "mother milk" protein (kilk), our ice cream now has added nutritional benefits that are ready to transform your lifestyle.

our organic ingredients


What we do is a lot of hard work but we're trying to change more than just mindsets here. We want you on board with us on our road to revolutionary guilt-free indulgence.

Experience it for yourself.

it's not amazing, it's revolutionary