For centuries, the people of the Nordic regions rejuvenate their body and soul after long, harsh winters with the uplifting spring tonic of birch tree water. Birch water has restorative and detoxifying properties. 

Birch water or Birch juice, is the sap from birch trees. It contains natural levels of electrolytes, antioxidants, other minerals and trace elements in a diluted form, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, sugar, fructose, and xylitol. These help remove potentially damaging agents such as cellulite from the body, giving the skin a ‘porcelain’ sort of glow to it, as well as flushing of toxins from the liver and kidneys.

Birch Water has a unique point of difference from all other botanical waters. Find out why below!


delicious birch power



With each sip of pure, Nordic birch water, you are hydrating yourself with a natural and organic mix of electrolytes, potassium, vitamin C, amino acids, calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, sodium and iron.



It contains ‘betuloside’ which acts as a natural diuretic and ‘saponin’ which has beneficial effects on blood cholesterol levels and stimulation of the immune system.



Birch water is sweetened by xylitol which is naturally produced in birch tree wood. Xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol and is used as a sugar substitute in “sugar-free” chewing gums and other sweets. Xylitol is extracted from birch wood to make medicine. As a medicine, xylitol is used to prevent middle ear infections in young children and as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes.


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